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Accurate Glazing is a family run company, We pride ourselves in giving you value for service.With staff that have over 35 years of experience in the trade,you can be assured that were here to help. We offer:

Windows Guaranteed 10 years.All quality components and materials used by time served tradesmen.fully insured company. 

*Replacement glass/double glazing
*Board-up service Shopfront Frames/glass
*Windows doors and Roofline products
*Patio/french doors
*Safety Glass in Pubs,clubs and social centres, Shops, Restaurants, Take-aways, Homes and Housing Association Contracts, insurance Work for Smashed windows From a small home or office window to a full shop front, call Accurate Glazing on the number above, anytime 365 days of the year for a fixed price and a friendly experienced glazier at your property within one hour. If you require a re-glaze this can be done the same working day.
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Failed and misty double glazing repairs in Manchester,Look no further.

We are the fastest and offer the best value for money any glazing company can offer in Manchester.We offer an  insurance Backed Guarantee and all our Work is done by Qualified Tradesmen.

Window repairs in Manchester,With 30 years Glazing in Manchester we know our area well,We do not sub-contract work out.
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Shop Front Replacement
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Boarding Up
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Pilkington 'K' Glass
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Replaced UPVC windows

Double glazing has a greater efficiency rate at keeping heat in a building over its single glazed counterpart. This is because two panes of glass ?sandwiched? together, with a small gap, usually 6-20mm, increases the insulation by reducing the heat dissipation through the windows. If an inert gas like Argon is used instead of air, this increases the insulation further, because Argon has a lower convection rate than oxygen. A low-emissivity coating can also be applied, which allows heat to come into the building, but does not allow it to leave.  About twenty-five percent of all heat loss in your home escapes through the windows, so double-glazing is an energy-efficient solution that also has the benefits of being environmentally friendly and reducing the outside-noise levels.

Double glazing is usually mounted in uPVC , a plastic product that is easy to work with and provides thermo insulating values.And if fitted properly, is expected to last 10-20 years.  Since its development in America during the thirties, double glazing has evolved, becoming more efficient, cost-effective and stylish. We offer more than the standard white uPVC you normally find, with wood effect windows in different styles and colours available. Please click the links to see a gallery of our completed projects, and to read more about the services and products we provide.

Steamy or misted windows (also called ?failed? or ?blown? units) can be a common problem, but it?s one that we can easily resolve.   A small hole, or puncture may have developed, allowing moisture in but not allowing it to escape, and as the temperature increases, the moisture becomes steam as the heat rises, and as it cools the moisture condensates, streaking the glass an making it misty. Please follow the link "steamy/misty windows" for more information regarding faults and methods of repair. You will also find details of what to do if you require repairs to any of your units.

We can offer our Shop-front service to commercial, domestic and industrial customers. We can supply bespoke shop-front glass, aluminium frames and shop doors. If you require a replacement glass for your property, we can supply and fit within 24hours.

Sometimes it is necessary to have windows or doors boarded up, and special care is required when affixing boards to units. Our glaziers will board up your property professionally, and safely remove all glass, for recycling. For more details on this service. please follow the link "boarding services"

Toughened/Laminated Glass Due to its superior strength and safety credentials, toughened glass can be used in sliding doors, swing doors, building entrances and even bath/shower enclosures. Toughened glass, also known as ?tempered? glass can absorb a far greater impact than normal glass before breaking, a great safety feature that makes it a minimum requirement for all doors. Another characteristic of the glass is found when it does eventually break, because it shatters into small, blunt granules.  Because of the nature of this type of glass when it breaks, we do not recommend installing this glass anywhere near food preparation areas, or swimming pools.

Laminated glass is slightly different, but still has excellent safety and strength credentials. There are two sheets of glass bonded together with a vinyl interlayer, meaning not only that damage is localised at the point of impact, but also that any shards of glass adhere to the vinyl, reducing the potential for injury.  This technique also provides a strong barrier from forced entry, and can must be cut from both sides, rendering glass-cutting tools useless.  Please follow the link for more in-depth information about these types of glass.