UPVC Door Repairs
Most doors including composite and aluminium can be repaired if they are starting to wear after about 10 years or so.The most common fault is the door may be catching or rubbing the bottom part of the frame,this only needs a small adjustment to the hinges or re packing in the corners.On upvc doors this is an easy job and only takes an hour or sooner.

Another common fault is the door handle starts to drop off and become floppy,
floppy door handle
The door lock starts to stick when your trying to turn and lock it.
This again is a simple job to do,A new handle,lock and internal mechanism is all that is required.
new door handle and lock
Door panels in all sizes and styles can be fitted within a day or two depending on what type of glass you require.Toughened glass will always take three working days to deliver as the process of toughening glass takes longer to heat up and cool down than just cutting glass from stock.And you must have toughened or laminated safety glass in all doors.