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 Toughened Glass is a safety glass that shatters into millions of tiny pieces,The reason for this is so big shards of glass that can cause the most severe damage shatter into tiny pieces.                                                                    toughened glass in double glazing

Toughened Glass is approximately seven times stronger than normal glass,and has a very good bounce type of property.That means when fitted in patio or french doors it resists things like footballs and bangs from soft plastic toys and furniture quite well.Its also a requirement in low level windows and up to 300mm from the side of any door. Any type of Glass can be toughened,Obscure patterns are just as easy to get toughened as the process of heating up and cooling down are done the same way. Every pane of toughened glass must have the safety standard kite mark shown in the corner.This can vary with different manufactures,but it should be acid embossed or screen printed so it cant be removed and be marked BS6206/A. Toughened Glass can be Laminated together to take security to another level if required. These type of applications are required on buildings and lifts.If a pane were struck on the corner and shattered then the clear butyl sheet that is bonded to both panes keeps all the glass together. see laminated glass page.


laminated toughened glass