Steamy or misted windows failed/blown double glazed units.

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Steamy or misted up double glazing is a problem that's easily solved


1.) Measure your steamy window from left to right then top to bottom. (estimated sizes only)
2.) Call us on 0161 628 3243 with your sizes(metric or imperial)or e-mail us on the contact page
3.) We can give you the cost of repair/replacement over the phone or we can e-mail you back.
4.) If your happy with the cost we arrange a time to call and take accurate measurements.
5.) 5 years guaranteed double glazed units. 


We operate this service to the north west of England and don't charge a call out fee. We replace your steamy windows in timber and u.p.v.c frames.When a double glazed sealed unit fails It is often said that a sealed unit has "failed" gone "misty" "steamy"or "blown". This means that a fault, and it may only be a pinhole to start with, like a small puncture, has developed somewhere in its perimeter, and moisture is getting inside and between the two panes of glass. At different times of the year there will be different amounts of moisture in the atmosphere, and even in the hottest of summer days the atmosphere that we breathe has a moisture content (humidity). The temperature of the glass on both sides can be different to each other so with changes in sonic and atmospheric pressure being put upon the 'sealed' unit, moisture will be drawn in to mix with the otherwise dry interior of the unit through this breach. As temperatures change the moisture will condense into a liquid, which will continue to build up and up, as the liquid cannot escape anywhere as easily as the moisture that is being drawn in. When sealed units are manufactured they are not designed to be taken apart again in the future, and therefore in practice they cannot be economically cleaned and put back together. When a sealed unit has failed it will need replacing, and the old glass is usually just taken away for recycling.We can fit new Double Glazed Units into hardwood and U.P,V.C.The differance with U.P.V.C Windows is they come in many types of profiles, We can fit them all.Rehau. Veka. Spectus. are all U.P.V.C windows but can have different air space between the two glass panes.Hardwood and softwood windows are usually the same. These pictures show one of the most common faults we have come accros in failed double glazed units.


As you can see the glass packer/spacer has been snapped in half and is the wrong size now.Also it has not been positioned correctly,so as the double glazed unit sits in the frame the weight of one pane is not supported.This then breaks the seal quite quickly and a new double glazed unit is required.This picture shows a common fault we have come across,whoever fitted this double glazed unit has used the wrong packing blocks,as you can see the weight of the glass has squashed the packer and that has pushed the seal of the double glazed window causing the seal to break. 


Here you can see why a double glazed unit would fail,the double glazed unit sits on a soft butyl packer and breaks the seal around the double glazed unit.The problem here is it takes a couple of years for this double glazed unit to break down,then you have the problem of replacing it.Here in this picture you can see the seal has been broken by another small soft butyl packer. 


                                                                                                                                                          Failed Window Packer                                                                           
                                                                                                         Misty Window: Before                                                                                   
                                                                                                            Misty Window: After