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Double glazing repairs can be a fast and cost effective alternative way of replacing misty and steamy windows.This is a problem thats coming up more and more these days,what we are finding is windows that have been fitted between 10 and 20 years ago are now starting to fail,that is the double glazed unit has gone misty or some cases they are so bad that water has built up and looks like a fish tank.steamy window/failed unit see pics on steamy/misty windows page,this also gives a description of how a double glazed window breaks down and fails.We have also discovered that the windows facing south are the ones we change more than others,this is because the outer pane is in direct sunlight and heats up in the sun.This causes it to expand quicker than the inside pane.Stress is put on the seal of the double glazes unit as it expands and contracts each day depending on the weather.Also when the sun goes down and it starts to cool off,the outer pane contracts and the inner pane expands with your heating on.Again stress is put on the double glazed window and this happens every day. YES,WE HAVE A CURE FOR THIS When we replace double glazing,We reduce the inner space bar by 6mm more, giving the double glazed unit more sealant,more sealant means the unit can take more movement with any heat tolerance involved.we have found this process to be very affective and takes the life of a double glazed unit beyond 10 years.This process is also double sealed with a butyl strip before the final hot melt goes on.cloudy failed toughened glasstoughened double glazing